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Décor Home

Décor Center

At Empiral Homes Décor Centre, our experienced design professionals staff will guide you in selecting the décor elements for your new home that is filled with countless design ideas, materials, layouts and vignettes. With a vast selection of materials to choose from, your dream home can really become a reality. Book your personal appointment today.


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When it comes to Bathrooms, price can vary dramatically between one item to another. As it is standard fact, bathroom’s cost per square foot is very high. Empiral Homes takes the time to understand the customers needs and provide the best expertise advise to design this space ensuring it fits your budget and needs.
With so many materials available, we ensure that you are going to enjoy the space for a long time. Our goal is to see a finish that should compliment the richness in the bathroom.


Empiral Homes have a team of designers who can make sure that your dream kitchen is what you envision. We don’t take any chances when building your kitchen. Come prepared as to what you want and we will transform their dream into reality. Kitchen is a space, that should suit your needs. When our Signature Architects brainstorm with Interior Designers, they come out with the well thought kitchen design but ensures your personalized taste can be added during the design phase.

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Empiral Homes can help you select the perfect floors for your home, including hardwood, tile and carpet. Visit our décor center to see what suits your taste to find floors that fit your décor, budget and lifestyle.

Finishing Touches

Our homes top the list when it comes to accessories, whether it is crown molding, wainscoting, smart home ready, pot lights to fireplace. You tell what you want and challenge us with your requirements and will try to ensure that you leave with a smile eh!

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